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Aqualine Pool Service boasts the best pricing coupled with stellar pool cleaning & maintenance services!

Having been in the pool service industry as long as our seasoned pros at Aqualine Pool Service have, we’ve had the great fortune to work with several clients throughout the years in various pool service capacities, such as affecting repairs & replacements, as well as full-blown pool system designs and installations. When you take advantage of the premier pool services we offer here at Aqualine Pool Service, you get much more than a scheduled routine of our technician periodically netting your pool, and cleaning the gutters. We take the time to ensure your pool is functioning optimally while also keeping you apprised of all the latest and greatest advancements that have recently been made in the pool/spa industry. Furthermore, oftentimes with our larger clients that possess commercial pools and swimming accommodations, they will be so pleased with our pool services on a larger scale that they recruit our expertise on their own private pools as well!

pH Balancing

To appreciate the importance of maintaining a well balanced pH level, it is first important to understand what your pH level is and what it entails. Firstly, the scale for analyzing your swimming pool’s pH balance is from 0-14, with 7 being neutral. Anything below the 7 mark is acid, anything above 7 is considered basic. When treating your swimming pool, the ideal pH balance you should strive for is 7.4 because this is the exact same level as a swimmer’s eyes as well as their mucous membranes. Additionally, maintaining a 7.4 pH balance for your swimming pool also greatly assists with chlorine disinfection for your swimming pool, which in turn, helps eliminate harmful pathogens and bacteria. As part of our extensive aquatic coverage we offer here at Aqualine Pool Service, we ensure your swimming pool’s pH balance is optimal each and every time we visit your property.

Water Treatment

FIn addition to balancing your swimming pool’s pH balance, further treatment is often necessary to keep your pool not only inviting, but safe as well. Commonly, when a pool is frequented with heavy swimming traffic or if there was a recent storm resulting in debris and detritus littering the pool, your pool will need to be cleaned from visible indicators, but microscopic as well.

Routine Maintenance

For swimming pools that enjoy a pretty consistent flow of swimmers and pool-goers, implementing a routine maintenance program is tremendously beneficial for the longevity and serviceability of the pool. For example, we frequently discover pressing concerns for pool owners, such as foundation cracks and deteriorating walls. If these are not addressed when first discovered, they are not only more time consuming and expensive in the long run, there’s no guarantee that a repair will prove sufficient towards solving all issues and a full-blown pool replacement is the only option. In our long tenure in the pool service industry, we’ve adopted Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote of
“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”,
to best serve our neighboring communities in Orange County, CA. Call to schedule an on-site pool assessment and discuss maintenance and service options with one of our licensed pool pros!

Scheduled Cleaning

As a means to take FULL advantage of our world-class swimming pool coverage, many of our residential and commercial clientele decide to bundle our some of our pool services together to ensure their pool completely protected. Offering weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly options for scheduling our swimming pool cleaning services guarantees your pool is covered year-round, with no lulls or lapses in coverage. What’s more, we also are available as an “on-call” or “as-needed” pool cleaning service, which is a viable solution for many of customers as well.

Emergency Services

While it is usually a very stressful and hectic time when we receive an emergency pool service call, we are still very proud to be able Orange County, California’s number-one responder to emergency requests for both commercial and residential swimming pool systems. Typically a client will call us because their pool is discolored or one of their pool pumps is clogged; however, on the rare and unfortunate cases we are called because a pool has flooded or overflowed somehow. When these situations arise, we are prompt and efficient with our emergency pool services to alleviate as much of the hassle from you, our client, as possible.

Pool System Repairs & Upgrades

Whether you’re opting to upgrade your pool to breathe new life into your property or if you are wanting to modernize your swimming pool system to make it more economical, our specialists at Aqualine Pool Service have nearly four decades of pool industry experiencing. Ranging from custom swimming pool designs with personalized systems, to the most popular, brand pool systems and features, we are masterful throughout all phases of your pool’s upgrade.

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